pic: 1918 NC Gears Week 5 - Orthogonal

Feb 15 2010. Wide kicker. Elevated center wheels. Roll Cage. Lift mast.

Wow. It looks really nice. I really like that rollcage design. Do you mind sharing how far your kicker can kick…? :cool:

Jason Law

It looks like you guys might be able to possess two balls. Are you doing anything to prevent this from happening

hey guys team 1254 we won the west michigan reg with you last year just wanted to say love the design rollcage is a very cool idea never would have thought of that . also want to ask if you guys hang. and see you at the comp

The kicker can kick from the midfield and make the goal. It goes over the bump in the air.

There will only be 12 balls on the field, so collecting 2 soccer balls at once may be hard to come by, and it can be avoided easily. :cool:

The robot can capture a ball, then kick it over a bump into the goal from mid-field. The perfect kick, not to soft, not to hard.

We are planning on having it lift at the endgame. :smiley: