pic: 1918 Swerve module concept using Rev NEO



Swerve module concept using Rev NEO brushless DC motor, bevel gear steering, and Kaydon bearing to package a swerve module that fits within the vertical profile of the bumpers. (Note: Vex Versa-Frame side rail and bumper removed to allow visibility of components).


We have been working on a swerve chassis during the off season. One of the challenges is to find the simplest, lightest, most manufacturable, and most serviceable approach. Another challenge is to develop a design that doesn’t get in the way of with intakes, and isn’t exposed to damage from other robots, etc.

We have been looking for a good way to package a swerve module within the protected confines of the bumpers. Using KHK bevel gears for turning the module allows the long steering motor/planetary gearbox/encoder assembly to be laid horizontally. The low height of the NEO motor does the rest.

This module concept works with CIMS and 775’s also, but the NEO is a nice finishing touch.

I look forward to seeing what everybody else does with the NEO.


This looks awesome Wayne.
The smaller footprint will definitely provide better options to design around.
We’ve been playing around with a new prototype swerve but the amount of space taken and weight definitely is a challenge.
Thanks for sharing.


Wouldn’t you get a fair amount of scrubbing with a two-colson config like that? seems like 1 colson would be the way to go, as many teams do.


May I present to you two-time back-to-back world champions 2767, Stryke Force, and their battle-tested 2-wheel swerve module:

Stryke Force 2017 Swerve

Edit: To be clear, there is most definitely more scrub with this style than a standard centered wheel, but generally the motor can overcome said scrub, especially when the wheels are driving (which is nearly all of the time during a match).