pic: 1923: WE DID IT!


My team has NEVER been in the Elim rounds at an official FRC event, ever. Seeing our match scores was possibly the most exciting thing in the world. I think you can tell.

Thanks, 2753 and 2344. Y’all rock.

Lol I see MORT in the back realizing we just got beat. That redo was unfortunate but oh well, we had a good run. I expect to work with 1923 in Philly or just have another rematch against you guys there. :cool: We’ll bring more heat.

First time making Elims and taking it all the way for the regional win has got to be a special feeling and I think this picture says it all. Congratulations, I’m sure it will be the first of many:)

All I can say is, WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! :smiley:

Thanks to 1923, and 2344. You guys were completely awesome!

1923, I knew you had it in you. Congrats!

  1. Congrats

  2. Whoever took this picture… I LOVE this picture. It really captures the whole emotion of the team. Kudos on it.

Andrew you’re so cool. :stuck_out_tongue: Post up pictures of your robot already. Let the public know of its glory! =P

Thank you!
The photo is from the NJ Star Ledger…we were featured in an article here:

and he took some other great photos here.
(my favorite is btween the meditation photo and the one where I’m rolling my eyes at my coach & driver. & yes, I DO stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating on operating. :P)

Congrats to 1923 :D! You guys and 2753 were amazing partners!! We couldnt believe it ourselves! Great picture that really captures the moment, I even see our mentor back there. See you in Georgia!

Congratulations 1923 on your first ever win! You worked hard - and you all deserved it!

Libby, I LOVE the photo! And the article was great too.
Best. WAI. EVER.

Is that a Stormtrooper in the background…?

Yes, that is a stormtrooper. Mascots for team 2344 are 2 two Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see a photo of the reaction of the parents who have hung in with 1923 through it all. They must be over the moon.

I’m so glad to see how much you guys have really come together this year. An outstanding group of students, an amazing mentor, and great support has truly helped demonstrate what you’re truly capable of. I’m very proud of you guys, and I’m very hopeful that your success can turn around into more support for your team in the future.

To Libby and the 1923 crew great job and congratulations on your first FRC regional win it is quite a feat especially the first time. I know that 1923 has been through a lot of changes and hardships since their inception its great to see them get one in the win column. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing the whole team in Atlanta this year and keep up the good work for years to come.

Libby & Wayne:

Congratulations to your team. You’ve worked hard for this moment.

Al Ostrow
on behalf of Team 341

Congrats!!! Goes to show that with hard work and a little time you can accomplish anything!

haha. one of our mentors and drive coaches is in the back.

this is such a great picture!

huge thanks to 2753 and 1923 for picking us.
got scared for a little bit!


the reason for my CD user title…

Since we don’t have school teachers, we’re made up of a core group of parents that support us. We build in a garage in a student’s house, and they pay for our propane heaters, our food, and they drove us out to 103’s facility every weekend to drive practice. We love them for their support.

Our team parents stuck by us all weekend. They were in the stands, making all our kids were exactly where they had to be and keeping things in line. Most especially is our ‘team mom’…my mom. She has been the complete support for the team all 4 years.

Before our last final match, I looked up to her, and said “Mom, this one’s for you.”

…and we won. :slight_smile:

You can see some of our parents in the back cheering. They were so happy for us.

Dang it, Libby. You just made me cry. Time to take a walk outside. :slight_smile: