pic: 193 MORT Beta

MAR Bridgewater Winners
MAR Champs Finalists

This is easily my favorite robot in MAR this year, so simple yet so effective, and that drivetrain. Needless to say I am very excited to see what the 193 students can do on 11 next year and what a new crop of freshmen will bring for team 193. Best of lucks at Champs although I know you don’t need it.

Very happy to be able to see you guys again this year. Second the favorite team in MAR :smiley:

You BETA believe!!!

193 came out of nowhere this year. Got the chance to work with them at Bridgewater and MAR champs this year and was absolutely blown away. I’ll be looking out for 193 in the future

Out of no where? I thought they were quite good in 2013. Great people to work with too. :smiley:

MORT Beta and their awesome drive team impressed me every time they rolled out on the field! An impressive robot made even more lethal by the stellar driving skills, quick decisions, and tactical acumen of the team. TechFire 225 is proud to share Galileo with Beta.

MORT Beta is a fantastic team and they are having an amazing season with exceptional drivers. What is so different about this team is that all students are only on this team for one year, as it is the JV team for MORT 11. Next year they will all be moving on to FRC 11. Beta is always a new team each and every year.

Yet I don’t see a jump in performance from 193 to 11? (ooooooh shots fired)

Ha, I like to try to instigate a little “sibling” rivalry.

The dynamic between 11 & 193 is ever changing, and I look forward to in a few years where all of 11 has been through the JV program.

I think great things are coming; when beta alums have the opportunity to build upon the base developed on the JV team. This is just the beginning.