pic: 1939's Electronics Board

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Where are the CAN wire plugs from? We been looking for a clean solution for connecting these.

So clean and labeled. As an electrial/mechanical engineer that makes me happy!

Looks like an Anderson Powerpole. Love the green/yellow coloring on that!

Look great! what is the board on your TalonSRX?

Way overkill. APP’s are not meant for wire in the AWG 20s.

It looks like AndyMark’s new breakout. We just got four in yesterday.

Correct, the colors are awesome!

I can tell because using our smallest crimps you have to fold the wire over several times to get it to stay in the crimp. It might be overkill but having Andersons on all of our Talon SRX’s wires makes switching them out really easy. Unfortunately the we had to cut the connectors off the Talons closest to the PDP because we needed to plug directly in.

Good eye. We plan on using them to plug encoders directly into the Talons.

You could get PP-15 contactsfor 16-20 awg if you really wanted to.

Beautiful! Kudos from this EE. I especially like the well sized service loops.

Do you have any overheating concerns about the Talon SRXs being mounted on plastic instead of metal (no heatsink)? I’m new to the SRX and this looks very similar to our electronics this year so I was just having this conversation earlier this week with another mentor.


This looks amazing but your Ethernet cable should be in the other port of the radio per R63

We mounted our electronics on a piece of lexan last year. No problems.

Thanks! I’ve been emphasizing service loops with the students.

We’ve been using this material for our electronics boards for a few years now with no heat problems. We make sure to give the board a little breathing room above and below when it’s mounted so the components have some ventilation. The holes make mounting with zip ties easy, and it’s non-conductive.