pic: 1939's The Laden Swallow


The Laden Swallow can “peck” the rings up from the ground and deposit them high above. In the end game, he will release his “coconut” Minibot

ok ok ok ok . . . African or European?:yikes::smiley:

That is my new favorite robot name!

That is just awesome

Always good to see a robot with some personality within a mile of my house. Good luck this season! (see you at KC)

PS I like the orange, that seems like a new color for you guys. Don’t stop with the orange :D.

You guys always make me smile. :slight_smile: Let the coconuts fly!

The machine looks solid. I can’t wait to see how that orange apparatus works. Any chance of putting up a little video?

See you in GKC.

Apparently, they don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue:

so what is the field spped velocity of said laden swallow? Also, can a 120 robot carry an inflated tube? It does seem to be a question of weight ratio :stuck_out_tongue: