pic: 195 6 Stack

195 can do it too!

I always knew that 195 had some tall stacks but 6?! Does anyone know how high they have stacked in official play?

Impressive. I knew that arm was HUGE but I didn’t expect 6!

ya’ll should record a video of your 2015 bot doing a 6 stack while your 2018 bot does this.

I hear 1678 chose to only do 5 stacks on purpose.

I think a couple Indy teams can do 6 (1720, 1747, and 1741 if I’m not mistaken)

The highest I’ve seen us do in a match I believe is 4, I know for certain we got 5 in a practice match at NEDCMP but I do not know how high we’ve had to go in official play. I would look at IRI for anything tall by us due to the higher frequency of a competitive scale.

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