pic: 195 Completed Robot

There she is.

shes is very nice looking. how does she work? what makes it a she?

I would like to change that to almost completed

Looks very sweet Tom… how high does that arm go?

Note the pneumatic tubing for the drive train… :rolleyes:
Also, the grabber still needs is pneumatics added.

For the top arm is the van door motor into a modified KOP gear box. The bottom arm is two fisher prices on a shaft connected to a sprocket. This sprocket in between rides on the chain held by the lexan arc. For the drive train, it is a 4 speed transmission with lots of torque & speed. The arm goes about 10 feet high, but can stack a tetra slightly higher.

They let you drive it on the floor like that?! :ahh:

We’re very careful not to mark up our shiney floors.

I’m not sure if they let us…but we do anyway. This is in our second gym which isnt used for basketball games or anything like that. Also this week is February vacation so they are about to wax them anyway.

Very nice guys. Good luck and keep up the good work.

I was gonna say. Still looks like your missing your tetra manipulator, right?

No…its there, is just doesn’t have the pneumatic claws mounted on it yet.

The real manipulater will be slightly different from the one you saw at the UTC scrimmage…

My bad. Your blue arm blended into the blue mats in the gym and I didn’t see it the first time. Now I see it :slight_smile:

There is still some debate about the tetra grabber, mainly concerning the fact that we need to drive straight up to the tetra to grab it with both sides of the manipulator. Tomorrow, we will mount the pneumatics for this grabber on and test more. If changes are in line, action will be taken. Otherwise, Team195’s bot is virtually completed.