pic: 195 Drive Base

-2 Speed Tranmission
-Trusty Old Tank Treads
-“Program on the fly”

But what goes on top?!

Absolutely beautiful. Looks like a 4 speed with plastic gearbox plates. What is the frame made out of? How much does it currently weigh in this configuration? What was your reasoning for going with tracks/belts?

shivers Haven’t I seen you in my dreams?

Nice placement. I give it a 9/10.
Neatness*unlike the rat home’s like in some robots…)*9/10
color…10/10 nice looking blue. was that airbrushed?

And im really loveing the frame design.

I like what you have going on so far. like sanddrag asked; why did you go with the tread design?

The tranny is a 2 speed as said in the description of the photo.

As Alex said, this is a the 2-speed version of the plastic 4-speed blind shifter. The 4-speed worked very well for us last year, so we decided to use the same basic design again, we just didn’t need all 4 speeds. High: 10.5 ft/s Low: 4.5 ft/s

The frame is made out of 9 ply Baltic birch plywood. That stuff is amazing. It has a strength:weight ratio that is out of this world. And its cheap, easy to make, and makes electronics mounting a breeze. :slight_smile:

With no batteries, this frame weighs 74 pounds.

We have been using belts since before I was even on the team. I suppose I can say we’ve got it down to somewhat of a science.

Once again, it’s impressive. Can’t wait to see it all together. Where ya guys headed?

Winter Warzone, UTC Regional, Championship Event.

I really like the design…to me, it almost look like an animation…I mean, it an just be my tired eyes…however, its really neat, cant wait to see what the rest looks like…I really like the color, too.

Hey! You better be careful, you know how that plywood bursts into flames!

(Nice robot. Really. It looks great.)

Wow, that looks really nice!

Let’s hope the chassis doesn’t take up all of the weight.

Its 74 pounds for what you see in the picture, not just the frame. :cool: This gives us a solid 46 pounds for any appendages.

For me, that’s far too much weight for a drive base, but that’s me.

Really? I see a full set of drive components, pneumatics, electronics, and the chassis with 45 pounds available for the game system. The weight sounds good to me.

We were able to go up and get some practice at RAGE’s facility last night.

Here’s the clip…


All we have been able to determine so far is that our 2005 robot does not like going up ramps. Our attempts to push it up using its own arm resulted in it tipping backwards. :rolleyes:

I got to see their work in person last night. Wow! Very smooth, very fast, very nice! 195 knows how to do treads and do them right.
Plus, I heard that a periscope goes on top. :wink:
Good job guys.

looks solid but hevey

Looks great like always! Can’t wait to see and compete with 195 at UTC this year. They should have a strong contention as always, and I just can’t wait. Looking very nice guys. :cool:

What makes you think it’s heavy?

Very, very nice drive base you’ve got there.
I noticed that little lcd-adorned box in the corner. What, pray tell, is that to be used for?

Also, what’s up with the camera? Did you modify it to look more scifi-robotic?