pic: 195 Gearbox

4 Speed shift on the fly.

Nearly assembled in this picture…

Hey, that looks familiar!

That is a beautiful gearbox. I’m guessing that it’s a four speed and you’re going to have a couple of pistons attached to the right of the motors at the top. What material did you use for the casing and why?

The pistons are already attached. You can see them on the gottom of the box, next to the CIM’s

Looks pretty light too. Nice gearbox, not too many 4 speeders floating around.

looks cool, i’d like to see it in competition. How does your shifting system at the controller work?

It works automatically, calculating RPM from the onboard encoders, and shifting at the right cross over points.


Everything is so shiny, I love it!

Yes it is 4-speeds and we borrowed the original design from team # 33 but highly modified it to include a motor combiner as well. The Sideplates from made from Nylon Plastic, they are strong enough and much lighter. Team #33 recommended them.

bunch of work has gone in to get this far… hope they’ll drive ok!!!