pic: 1955 meets 2007

Tonight we were loading our robot up to bring to a full size practice field and one of our mentors decided we could use his truck from 1955 to transport it. We thought the picture was neat, carrying a robot in vintage truck!!! 1955 meets 2007

that is a very nice truck! i love old school trucks especially when the person redoing them keeps them looking fairly original.

Looks good to me!

That’s a nice Chevy/GMC. Looks like a 3/4 or 1 ton model too with the 6 lug hubs.

My father would eventually like to find a truck like that. Chevy, Ford, Dodge, International…doesn’t matter, he just wants an old truck to work on.

Now I wonder if the Old Navy store at the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury, CT would let me buy the dark blue Chevy they have in the store? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chevy half ton trucks had 6 lug wheels for years. I read a rumor that Old Navy was going to get rid of their trucks. I’d try to find one somewhere else, though.

Ah I love old Trucks:D Squirrel, Is that a 57’ in your Picture? Do you Drag race with it? I noticed the nice big Tach on the dash!

The car is a 55, in keeping with the topic of the thread :slight_smile: and the robot is the 2007 model.

I’ve run it at the strip a few times, mostly I just drive it around and have fun.