pic: 1983 TBA (2008)

For TheBlueAlliance: “Das UberStinktier”

Is that lift made of an actuall ladder?

And, it looks like the robot name has an encoding issue, unless “Das ÃœberStinktier” is correct.

Yep, it lifted and collapsed quite nicely and you can see the left-overs here :stuck_out_tongue:

Das Uber Stinktier was the name of the robot. We named it that for our German Exchange student… this is German for The Super Skunk

Skunk in German is quite correctly translated as the “Stink Animal”

The Aoe is probably something from the Umlaut which should be placed over the U in Uber

Unfortunately site encoding doesn’t allow for the Umlaut in a description for a picture and was not displaying it as “Ü”, so I reverted to a plain “U”.