pic: 1985 scoring

1985 scoring at STL

That robot looks pretty sweet… Do you have anymore pictures of that gripper by chance? I would like to check it out, because it looks pretty sweet. Anyway, nice robot.

1985 can score, as their records and St. Louis and Boilermaker attest.

A photo of their ramps, or better yet some video/animation of their ramps in action, would also be interesting to scouts preparing for Newton. These are some cool and effective ramps, and they have helped the team (a) win an award and (b) seed and draft higher than most rookies at two regionals.

Hmmmm, we have a few videos of our own ramps in action, but usually the person shooting the video gets so excited when we get double lifts that the camera is pointing at the ceiling. It’s better to check out this match where we scored quite a few and then had a double lift to 12" or some of the other ones on the blue alliance.

Boilermaker Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award for our ramps)
Made it to the semifinals. (only 1 match from the finals!)

St. Louis Rookie All Star Award
Made it to the quarterfinals**

We’ve had a number of double lifts at both competitions. The ramps also have side pieces and an end piece that keep robots from falling off the side. I’ll try to post some more pictures this evening.