pic: 1986 Team Titanium Breakaway Bot

Here’s an Inventor image of our 2010 bot.

I never thought I would see a penalty in a 3D model of a robot.

All kidding aside, that is one sweet lookin’ bot. Any plans to add hanging capability?


Is the camera used as part of a targeting system? Nice looking bot! Can’t wait to see it in action in Kansas City in a week!

Nice job in mounting the electronics in the underbelly, but does that part of the robot touch the bump as you climb over, or are you guys not trying that part of the game?

The dropped control board clears the bump by less than an inch, just like it was designed. :smiley:

The driver can use camera assisted aiming on demand, but frankly with the lag in the system and after some practice, we don’t find we use it much. In autonomous we found it marginal at the far distance, and slow at every distance.