pic: 1992 Team 20 Robot at IRI 2016

In reference to the thread about oldest running robot, I know 45 has theirs working but here is Team 20’s that they brought to IRI last year

Now that’s steampunk!

We can’t tell if ours is working anymore. FIRST took it and never gave it back!

I’m pretty sure it’s still sitting in FIRST Place at FIRST HQ.

Yep, that’s our 1992 robot! Unfortunately, it doesn’t run quite like it used to, but it’s something fun that comes to all of our competitions with us.
It’s pretty impressive to see where we’ve come from as an organization, going from these small tethered machines to the robots we build today. Makes me wonder what FRC will progress to in the next 26 years.

crosses fingers brushless motors :smiley:


maybe even more



Festival of Champions of the Festivals of Champions?

I read that as “Festival of Coefficent of Friction of Champions”.

20 has historically had this robot at almost every in-season event they attend, if you ever want to stop by their pit and see it.

Now that’s just a pushing match between two robots. I wonder what that would’ve looked like in 2009…

Probably two robots remaining stationary until the built up static blows the controllers to kingdom friggin’ come :rolleyes:

More like who can burn a bigger divet into the regolith. While people did fry controllers back then, pushing matches (at least in 2009) wasn’t the reason. Not to mention there were many good pushing robots that year who were only running 2 cims (1747 for example) or Fischer Price motors (234 IIRC) in their drivetrains that year. It wasn’t about power but grip (that is, making the most of a low traction environment). More power just meant that it was easier to spin one’s wheels.