pic: 1998 Competition - Where?


I found this pic while going through some pictures of team 237’s archive.
This was pre-237 so it was 98, but I don’t know where.

Going by some other info I have, I can guess that it is either:

A) Rutgers university (NJ Regional)


B) Rumble At The Rock (Old-School Off Season event)

If anyone knows where this pic was taken let me know!!!

The black robot in the picture holding the blue ball is Team 177.
This must have been before they had a maroon and yellow color scheme on everything.

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Examination of the image raised two points with me:

  • In the top left there is a Rumble at the Rock banner.
  • The woman in the bottom left is wearing sandals.

I think this picture was taken at the Rumble.

EDIT: Ogre brought up a third point, most people in the picture are wearing shorts. Definitely Rumble.

Who wears sandals and shorts in March? (when regionals are going on)
Definitely Rumble at the Rock.

My first and only time in Plymouth included looking at this site (I really wanted to see Plymouth Rock, but when you travel with FIRSTers, things like “peek through the windows of the old Rumble site” are on the “Things to do while in Plymouth” list), and I can confirm this is the building.

Although I will give Elgin some credit: the person who took the pic (237’s faculty founder, Carll Pallokat) went to the 98 NJ regional, and if you glance at the picture quickly, it does look like the Rutgers Barn, the old NJ Regional site.

I also beleive it is an offseason, as human players were provided full face shields that year.

A lot of people generalized it being Rumble cause of the banner hanging from the bleachers.

The only reason I questioned this is because I have a picture of the pits at Bash @ The Beach ('99) with a Rumble banner hanging in a team’s pit area.

I was fooled once, and wasn’t going to assume it was Rumble cause of the banner again.

I will accept this pic was taken at Rumble, and now have one more question.

Anyone know the date of Rumble At The Rock in 1998?

Thanks all.

P.S. Where is Grady? He seems to remember these things off the top of his head all the time. :cool:

I’m about 99% sure that is the 177 robot from 98 as well. It’s still intact and hidden away in our our retirement home for old and wayward robots.

Grady was at work when this picture was released today. But it does bring back some memories.

It indeed was from Rumble at the Rock…though you are correct that the sign could be found anywhere that Plymouth North competed. You can tell its the rumble site because of the old style doors where the pit entrance was, plus the fact that there is a stage in the backround (the spot where Ron Partridge would announce from).

Great picture of one of the best robots of all time too…177’s magical claw…a thing of beauty.

WOW that is rumble at the Rock… and I actually even recognize two of the students in the background… Jesse & Jason from South Windsor’s 177!

Rumble was that year in July, the exact date escapes me, but it was definitely late July. I wont mention how I remember that… lol.

FYI Jesse is now teaching for the school system in town and a mentor for our team.

The funny thing is, I’m on 177 and I’ve never seen that robot before.

I’m such a rookie :p.

GO 1998 game!!! It was an amazing year…:wink:

Ummm…this is DEFINATELY Rumble at the Rock!!!

I do. :stuck_out_tongue:


So does your brother. It must be a mid-east coast thing. :rolleyes:

Nope, just a bad habit from when we lived farout west.


I have up close pics of 177 and 181’s robot from this same competition (Rumble At The Rock 1998) as well.

If anyone wants them; for the time being just let me know.

They may eventually end up in a gallery somewhere as well, but contact me if you want them for now.