pic: 1st climb and dump for 3572 at St. Joseph

After a long hard day of fixing one thing after another, we finally got a 30 point climb and a 20 point dump. This was the first of 5 in a row that we completed through eliminations at the St. Joseph Regional.

Great picture! :slight_smile: Your team built an outstanding robot. The 30 pt climb and 20 pt dump is a feat that not many teams will repeat, although many set out to do so.

3620 was very honored to be part of your alliance. We gave it a good fight together.

The volunteers and host team at St. Joseph will be very glad to see your team here again next season.

We were glad to have you guys out there with us. I was sad to see the Niles event go away after everything started to click with how it was being run. But I felt like I was at a well established event this weekend in St. Joe. Everything just worked and I give a lot of respect to the volunteers and the Average Joes as hosts for putting on a fabulous competition. We hope to be back again next year for sure.

Congratulations on solving the toughest challenge FIRST has ever laid down. West Michigan is shaping up to be a great event. See you there!

Congrats to our neighbors! Very nicely done . Can’t wait to see it action this weekend. See you at GVSU.

A video for those of you who may be interested in the process…

Not our cleanest climb, but the only video I have so far.