pic: #2 and #3

As I had stated…the NERD’s are about to multiply. Introducing the next pair of NERD’s on the list. To our left, Ms. Jessica Boucher, formerly of team 237 out of Watertown CT. To our right, Justin, alumni of team 146 (PSNH and West High School, Blue Lightning) out of Manchester.

These two may come as no suprise…but I urge you to remember…

This is only the beginning.

Are you next?

Hey Andy Hook me up with a shirt.

Since Jess and Justin stole our first 2 digits in my team number, can I be preassigned NERD. #7 or 237?

Elgin…you can’t just ask for a shirt and get one you daffy son of a gun.

You like the rest of the world will find out VERY soon who the NERD’s are…

How can one become a NERD?

All people wearing the shirt so far are from New England Teams so, this is just a guess…

New England Robotics Division??

something close to that… but more info will come within the month of feburary from what i heard from a little birdy…

I want to be a N.E.R.D. toooooo!
What do I have to do?

lol, not be from New York…thats one rivalry robotics shall never break down!

Rich may quite possibly be the only New Yorker who would be able to wear a NERD shirt…alll he has to do is renounce the Yankees and come to New England to enjoy a massive bowl of ‘Chowdah’.

I’m a Mets fan! (we don’t talk about them in public)
I live in Queens NY, I can’t be a Yankee fan.

NERDs…gotta collect them all!


I’ll think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

So, who’s going to be #4? They’ll be from New England (looks like the Manchester area), possibly of college age or older, and has been involved in FIRST for years (i can’t even add up all the experience between those three). I have a few ideas who it could be.

By the way, is that a picture of the conglomerate game (from '01?) on the wall in the background?

ya i noticed that lol…

#4 will be someone close to the above 3 NERDs andy, jess, justin as #2+#3 are both close to andy… so if you are good friends with andy show yourselves now =P

*im guessing maybe mr. lil teddy boucher =X *the whole sister thing probably helps HAHA

Hint: Nerd 4 and 5 are most definately NOT from the Manchester Area. Oh and all of the NERD’s will not all have the same profile and experience…and many of them I will barely know.

By the way, the picture you are looking at in the backround is not the 2001 game…it is something called River Rediculous (it has already been posted on Delphi in the past). Was basically a spoof based on ideas for River Rage.

I relate the experience of recieving a NERD shirt to that of recieving MOE socks.

If you know what MOE socks are (better if you OWN a pair)…you might have a NERD shirt coming your way.

But even I don’t know who is next. So quit im-ing me about it! :stuck_out_tongue: