pic: 2 CIM Flipped Shifting Gearbox

Because CD doesn’t already have enough flipped gearboxes, I decided to post one that I recently finished. It’s a 2 CIM Flipped Shifting Gearbox at 10.6 ft/s to 19.8 ft/s. Of course, any feedback and comments are welcome!

I would suggest adding an 1/8" plate to support your idlers so that they’re not cantilevered. When we first tried this in 2016 we found that the wobble in the idlers killed our efficiency and a lightweight plate on the other end fixed the problem completely.

What’s the weight as-is? How much does it extend into the frame?

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep that in mind for future versions.

The gearbox should be around 7.8 pounds including everything. Right now, it sticks into the frame about 4.25in because of the space added to run chain outside of the tube. If the chain were run inside the tube, the gearbox would extend into the frame about 2.8in.

Justin Chau