pic: 2 Days to go and this is where we are at...

When we weighed our bot, she was about 25 pounds over weight, we have taken her apart and have tried to remove the excess weight. This is what she looks like now =(

Welcome to FIRST… :yikes:

Is anybody else out there in the same boat we are in? This picture was taken 2 hours ago (Sunday 9:00 AM) :ahh: .

Yesterday we got done cutting our weight down (we were only 5 lbs over), Speed hole like crazy, if possible replace steel with aluminum, cut down anything thats bigger than it needs to be.

Might be some other ideas here

Good Luck!

have fun with that, ive never had that happen in FIRST but i have in other things i know how you feel, your gonna get ready to work your butt off

Were at the same stage, we just removed our turret to drill multiple speed holes to cut down weight. We might have to loose our camera + mount (since it weights quite a lot)

Ours weighed 68 pounds when we weighed it, time to strap on some ballast!

don’t worry Tom, we’ll get it done!

We are fighting to make the clock tonight.
Here at Benedictine high school until midnight or say?
Last night I left at 1:00!

:] Again WELCOME TO FIRST applies here! :]

at 2330 (military time, we’re working on post) the scale said 118.8 with almost all of the Maid back together…

Great to hear, congratulations on getting it done and under weight!

It’s 4:00 am on ship day, our robot is about 80% done. I blame it on extreme disorganization in the first 3 weeks of build season above all other reasons, but we started building our robot last week basically o.0

We’ll be able to run, though. Although it is 4 am on ship day… the robot works. mostly.


Friday: 4:30 to 11:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 2:45 am
Sunday: 10:00 am to 1:30 am
Monday: 10:30 am to 4:20 am and counting…

Don’t worry, our team is always cutting it close. As long as you have a strong will to build it before it goes in the crate you will be fine. Right now the problem of getting balls to the gun. but we’ll have it ready by UCF… I hope :o