pic: 2" Mecanum Wheel

this is what came of the 2" diamater battlebot mecanum wheels

Tytus, these things are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. If they happen to come into existance (if they havent already) I NEED to see one…

i should have a machining quote by Thursday

Let me know if you get em, and maybe a price, cause i would def be interested in a few of these

ive seen those on a forklift. i saw it on the internet, they were awesome

i got a quote from A machine shop here in south florida.

$1600 for a set of hubs.

no quote for the rolers yet

OMG, at that price I’d buy my own equipment and do it myself.

That is very expensive for a FIRST team. Almost half the budget and that doesn’t include the rollers. It would probably be worth the time and effort to figure out how to machine yourself at that price.

Just curious but what was your reasoning behind going for a 2" mechanum set up? that seems a tad too small for FIRST robots maybe it would be good for Vex bots.

“this is what came of the 2” diamater battlebot mecanum wheels"

It seems these guys aren’t destined for FRC. But man, at $1600+ you better hope you don’t get smashed up too bad on the battlebots field.

Give me a file. I’ll do it for half that.

I’ll do it for 2/3 of that!. Well, I’d have to see the file and talk to our machinist guy before you can hold me to that offer. But our machinist guy does take on the occasional odd job and his skills and machines are crazy and he’ll probably get you a deal. What’s the timeframe anyhow? If you are serious about getting this thing produced, send me a file and fully dimensioned and toleranced drawing and I’ll talk to him for a quote.

BTI can do them however you don’t need really fancy machines to do this. Mill and Lathe a CNC lathe would be nice for the rollers. The money for the hubs is all time there are many features on the part which will take a lot of time to get every single one of them. I have seen the prints on these things it’s at least 6-10 hours for one hub in my opinion. This is because the hub has to be lathed down to size first and drilled out, then has to go on an indexing head to make the slots evenly spaced from each other, and finally a rotary table to make the bolt circle. All of this just takes a lot of setup time. :wink: G/l though Tytus. One way to do these parts quickly is with a combo mill /lathe probably 6 to 8 axis CNC which are rare and extremely expensive.


well no offense to thos above but you could make them fo an 1/8 of that. u could use two pieces of sheet metal with a fan blade pattern and then just bend the tabs to form your angle, them use a ruber stopper lathe the shape and put spacers between the 2 plates. bolt in wheels. my opinion.

cool design…not enough traction.

I like that idea. I want to make 3 inch wheels for a practice VEX bot I want to put together.

Where would you find the rollers? Any ideas on the making “fan blade”?


delrin is an easy to machine material witch can be coated with somthing that has bette traction.

take a piece of sheet metal whip out your tinsnips, cutout the pattern and bend it. i guess

Those wheels are really cool but they are already in existance. One of our allience partners at regionals had them. the rollers are at 45 degree anggle right. They work well but… not very much traction at all.

yes, royal assault theyre 8" mecanum wheels i admire very much and they are deffenetly not the first or the last of their kind. I love their button they were giving away it was just a mecanum wheel side view. i have it here hanging on my shelf at work. royal assault had there oun custom silicone rolers with fiberglass bushings. they deffenitaly had traction and plenty of it. there problem was getting up the ramp with those huge wheels all 4 of them had to be touching the ground for the robot to move properly, going up the ramp at any angle but straight on wouldn’t work.