pic: 2 speed NEO drivetrain gearbox.



20.0/ 9.3FPS Theoretical free speed. 16.2/7.6FPS “Adjusted”. 3.9lbs as pictured. All parts from WCP, McMaster Carr and REV.


With as short as the NEO is, is reversing the motor direction really necessary?


Hella sick, Max. I’m loving it!


TBH a better application would seem to be a “motor over wheel” configuration if you really wanted to save space, since you wouldn’t have to worry about CIMs sticking out too far.


High level. Well done!!


Very swanky, but I think you should set everything to Gold and Hot Rod Red for that Iron Man look.


Something I was wondering about over the last day or so, is with the NEO using it’s front face to dissipate heat, would removing the pockets where the motor mounts to make sense to allow for more surface area of the motor to be in contact with the aluminum plate? Albeit, at the cost of a little added weight.


We have no data on the motor performance when things get warm (yet), but it seems obvious to me that given the tradeoff of cool running motors vs a couple of ounces in the transmission, I’d opt for cool running motors.