pic: 2 Speed Rev 2

Haven’t seen much CAD up on CD so I figured I’d put something up.

This is Rev 2 of our 2 speed shifter we used during the 2010 Season. I’ll put up some more specs when I can find the model.

Current Specs:
-2 Stage Reduction
-2 Cims and 1 FP (Optional)
-16 FPS and 7.5 FPS
-6 Inch Wheel
-Initial: 12:50
-Shfiter: 28:48 & 16:60

You know RC… I’m not surprised by this :wink: Your CAD always looks amazing! Your work is very impressive! Very clean and elegant!

Nice model / gearbox!

How often did you guys play at 16FPS? When looking into drive boxes this year, I was looking at the 6 motor setup, but it seemed that adding 6 motors let you run at ~9.5 FPS while pretty close to traction limited. Was the high gear useful for your team, or just something nice to have?

Also, can I have two? :slight_smile:

what are the gear ratios ??



Hmm interesting question, I don’t know if we ever got up to the full 16fps. I don’t have anything quantitative but:
-We were quick
-The acceleration was amazing
-It was nice being able to get from one side of the field to the other rather quickly.

In a match we stayed in high gear the whole time except crossing the bump and pushing. Our driver absolutely loved having the high gear and we would not hesitate to gear this high again. Lol, sure Chris to go?


I added more info to the pic:

-6 Inch Wheel
-Initial: 12:50
-Shfiter: 28:48 & 16:60


How do you do the shifting? Pneumatics, servo motor, or some other means? Did you cut the gears or use off the shelf gears?

Looks nice.

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The shifting is done with pneumatics and all the gears used in this render/model are bought off the shelf.


Can you show some alternate views of the gearbox?

Dude looks sick!

I am learning SolidWorks at school now, Its a really nice program.

Can you get rid of any of the standoffs in there to simplify it a bit, and reduce the parts count?


Thank you for sharing. You have been busy. If you did this with SolidWorks Photoview 360 you really should put this image up on www.solidworksgallery.com. Very nice work. Marie

One more question: Why two 1/4 plates and not 1/8 plates with bearing shims? I haven’t made many gearboxes or anything, so I’m trying to look into the advantages of one over the other.

@Chris - If I had to take a guess as to why there are no flanges, I would say it has something to do with DFMA as not every team has easy access to bending parts accurately (we certainly don’t), or ease of access and assembly.

Also, what exactly is the plate thickness? I need to know for a project I’m working on. Nice gearbox btw.


This gearbox was made for our 2010 robot. The only reason for the extra four standoffs are just so the gearbox stays together at all times. The other four standoffs are just purely for mounting.

If I was going to do this again, It would not have as many spacers.


It was indeed rendered with Photoview 360, I’ll definitely put it up when I get a chance.


The reasons why I use 1/4" Plate over 1/8" Plate

-Can be tap’d
-Thickness for bearing
-Allows for counterbores

This is 1/4" Plate.



sick model dude!!:slight_smile:

I like this.