pic: 2 speed transmission 1

The night before Beantown Blitz i got bored so i built a 2 speed transmission only took me six hours total and works smooth a silk.

You should check out our 2004 Transmissions. The shifting part is covered by the frame but looks exactly like yours. I know it’s a bad pic to look at, but with three motors on each transmission, that was cool. The reason we went with a shifting trany was the basic reasons, 1 go fast, 2 push people, and for us 3 neutral for wenching up on the bar. And besides, some of the best ideas come when you are bored.

How does this shift? I’m not sure if i just don’t/can’t see it, or if i’m just not looking for the right mechanism…

There is a servo hidden underneath the 60 tooth gear near the center of the robot. That moves a piece of metal attatched to the middle shaft on the transmission. I remember seeing it at Battlecry, and it was certianly a sight to behold.