pic: 2- Tribotec Team 1382 (Brazil) - Robot!!!


Yet another picture of our robot in development…the first picture has already been posted in the picture gallery (2004-Robots) … visit our website, tribotecteam.com , for more pictures and also videos!!

i was just curious if you have put all the tentioners on your tracks yet? i am just saying that because the look really loose in the picture…

i know of a team who is doing treads with a similar design :wink: a few things to think about
1.) where will and where won’t the tread be exposed
2.) tension, tension, tension
3.) it looks like you have nothing to keep the tread running in the middle of the track (i am assuming there will be a covering plate of some kind)…some kind of runner would dramatically help. somewhere about 1/16" (that’s 1.5 ish milimeters if my math is correct) is ideal clearance between the runner (or side panel) and tread, not too tight, but not a lot of slop.

it looks really good though…maybe that other team will have some pics up soon of their tread system.

gotta love extrusion!

from the looks of it they do in fact have a center guide in the tread. they are usually designed to take the place of side panels in keeping the tread on the idlers.

You can find more pictures of our robot in the Chief Delphi galleries on the links below, or visit our website for 150+ pictures and several films of our robot in action! New pictures added daily!

Pic 4:Here

Pic 3: Here

Pic 2: Here

Pic 1: Here

it looks good…i just worry about a tread getting caught on something and ripping off. anywho…great job…best of luck.

Good point…it´s a possibility, but we (that is, excluding me…i totally agree with you) have decided to risk it :yikes:

Great job guys, looks like your robot is almost ready!
Carefull about those threads.
Maybe you can try some policarbonate or plywood protection.
That can also support your axles and avoid negative camber.

hey there, its 219 again, now that wer’e done for the season, i want to play around and see what would have made climbing smoother. By chance, where did you get those treads and pulleys, the only ones i can find have a flange on the outside defeating the point of treads. Or did you machine those down?



see you next year, same time, same place