pic: 20 Days to kickoff!!

We are getting really excited!!
if you have any suggestions for the next numbers on the coundown we’d love to hear from you on the comment section!

We are on facebook!

I love the pictures you always make, and really appreciate the time you put into making these and sharing your enthusiasm with the community.

If you could, maybe a Bomb Squad theme for 16 days left would be a cool tribute to everyone’s favorite two-digit swerve team.

Maybe a water themed one to match the up coming game?

I think a MORT theme for 11 days left would be nice.

awesome picture… but does it bother anyone else that there are only 17 trees? I was expecting 20!

There are 17 that you see but I’m sure that there are more trees that you can’t see. Besides, I’m more worried that I don’t see any water when this is obviously finally the year of the water game.

Snow is frozen water…

I was too busy looking at the forest.