pic: 2001 Pneumatics Box Sticker

I was looking through some old FIRST stuff on my computer and I found this scanned image of the sticker from the side of the 2001 Pneumatics Box. Notice anyone familar in the picture?

Ah, good ole 2000. Those were the days…

Notice anyone familar in the picture?
Those were the dark ages before safety captains.

Notice the “victim” - I mean student - on the left who’s not wearing any safety glasses… :ahh:

In my defense, that was well after a match was over and I was carrying the controls off of Einstein. No victim here!

While im pretty sure thats the year you were in the finals at nationals, being on einstien back in the day wasnt nearly as special as it is today, crazy how times change.

I don’t know, dude. We had to go against every good team that year (including 47’s insane robot) to get to the finals. It was pretty special to me.