pic: 2002 Championship opening ceremonies

Can you identify all of the teams?

I know I was to the far left side, near the center.

2002 digital cameras are super cool. :cool:

They must not have released the doves yet. Does anyone else remember the one dove that I believe sat on the top of the tent all day.

Next to my view from on Einstein because of a cool field attendant letting me on when my team was up, that bird must have had the second best seat in the house.

Remember the media platform that was the “only” place you were supposed to take video of Einstein from when your team was up?

I don’t. :wink:

That’s actually Team 48 in those yellow thick as heck terrible for Florida weather polo shirts in the foreground… I believe the 2nd yellow dude from the left in the back row of yellow shirts is me.

Yeah and the only way to get to the platform was to have a special media pass =), All I can say is wow I have not seen that scenary in a long time - boy this picture brings back lots of memories =(, I cant remember where my old team was seated I think we were up front with the purple shirts probably those of which you see in the picture and for the closing ceremonies we were some where in the back and high off the ground near the mono rail

Man i hated that media tower, made trying to watch matches so hard cause it took up all the space infront of the feild.

I miss the National Anthems sung by that acapella group, they were great.

While I am not sure where we are in this picture, during closing ceremonies, we had some the best seats in the house, right next to the media platform. All I can say is my team leader got real mad at me for losing the media badge a good 2-3 times over the course of the three days. Its not my fault it was in one of those flimsy little name badge holders. I definately miss Disney though, it was so amazing the one year I was able to go there.

Team 66, back in 2002, was in orange, and known as the Penguins. I was not on the team yet, but my sister was a senior, and most likely in the orange pit.

We were national champs that year too! :smiley:


ooh oohh i can see one of the backs of our red JACK shirts just by upper left of a bald x-cat head (is that you koko ed?) towards the center right of the picture, no idea who it is though

Orange? I thought I rememberd blue… Maybe my memory is just off, but it was great times no matter what. I gotta find my penguins button, its around here somewhere…