pic: 2004 Championship Event Signature Banner!

Heres the banner that i had at the championship event in Atlanta this year. First hand full of people who can pm me the complete list of signatures on here will get a prize…

so anyone up for the challenge to name all signatures and get a prize… PM me your answers to keep this a lil “contest”.

Is that on a bed?

If yes…

Why is there a victor on your bed?

random speed controller?

yes its on a bed, yes thats a victor, yes it was there and i left it there kinda just to give a size comparison for the poster.

Y’know I often cuddle with a SPIKE myself :smiley:

I think I got 21 of them. Check you PM box Mike.

Ha, I’ll be honest…that’s the first time I’ve seen my brother actually sign anything :wink:

Wow… I know of at least one that will go questioned. You should have restricted it to people who are FIRST staples, or at least post on CD… lol

And, aww… Look at the circles for the I’s in Erin’s name… How…cute. :cool:

I can get one!!! Erin Rapacki

Do I get anything for that? :slight_smile: Please!

Ok, I can get quite a few more, I’ll see if I can get 'em all.

edit - I am up to 17, I’ll probably get a few more later, when I have more time.

Like a moth to a flame,
true FIRSTers are attracted by the Victor instead of the Banner.

And no one got me to sign it? Man, I thought I was a huge celebrity :wink:

I can name about 5-10. Well, I can see Brian’s signature… :smiley:

hey so far i got one reply, i will hand out prizes to the first 5 people that can pm me with all the signatures or the top 5 people with the most signatures id’ed. If you send a list of 20 and then can later name the other 12, i will combine lists. Just get me your lists asap so i can figure out what the prizes will be.

ok so i have a good amount of people who have put guesses in and everyone keep them coming, i will close this “fun game” and put up a full list on monday so keep the lists coming until i end it.

no one will ever guess which signature is mine :stuck_out_tongue:

So… uh… where is that list of all the names?? Did anyone guess them all??

I know one! Andy Baker…kinda obvious but hey. If theres one next year I wanna sign it!