pic: 2004 ComBBAT Teaser


We've learned that the bass can help maneuver the small balls much better. The mids and treble just make it plain old cool. The cold cathodes underneath allow for easy identification of our robot and make us just look pretty cool. She runs on 2 atwoods and can do wheelies to allow us on the platform to guard from others reaching the bar. The cowcatcher allows for 2 balls to be caught in the front. We decided to put a beacon on it anyhow just for effect as part of our additional electronics. It features a pioneer slide-in cd tray as well. Be prepared for this scary blue creature to dance and compete very well. We can dance if we want to. If your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well then they're no friends of mine.

interesting idea…ill be interested to see this @ UCF

It’s your cart right? Looks really cool

Teasers of a cart? Dang and it looks better than our robot. Good job.

looks like their 2002 robot, methinks.


That is correct, we put 8 speakers, neons, and a spoiler on it for show. We are planning to use it for exhibition and for fund raisers right now since they seem to frown upon motorized boom boxes for carts anymore. The next project may have plans for pnuematic suspension and 13" spinners for last years bot, who knows how far the rice has to go.

Just for people that didnt know what it looked like before…