pic: 2004 FRC Field

Here's a pic of the field that i modeled. Let me know what you think.

Looks great, but I believe the balls on the tees are set farther back. They shouldn’t be parallel with the frame that surrounds them. Do you have the actual 3D modelling available, rather than just a snapshot? I would love to see it if you have it.

Looks awesome. It looks really good. But, I know you want some constructive criticism… so here you go…

For the balls, I’d recommend that you add a slight bump map though, to give it that slight texture effect the real balls have, right now they look too rounded. Maybe just a slight noise texture in the bump would help, I’d say experiment around and it’ll make them not look so “perfect” cause the real balls aren’t. I’d also recommend that u make a simple texture in photoshop or something so u have the point values on the balls like the real things do.

For the bars on the field, you may want to make them “shinier” in the final animation, maybe try raytrace… it makes things look VERY nice, but… it takes VERY long to render.

For the platforms, I’m not 100%… but I think that they are the same material we used last year for the top of the ramp (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) so you might want to make them a little bit shiny and/or reflective.

For the driver stations, movable goals, sides of platform, and whatever else uses diamond plate… I think you can make a simple bump map in photoshop to simulate the diamond plate, then make your metal shiny in 3dsmax, making it look like diamond plate.

For the carpet, I’d say add a slight bump with noise texture… to give it that carpet look, and to just not make it so flat.

It looks really awesome!!! Keep up the great work!! :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good!
Once the models are textured this will be a very good looking model.
Some comments that hasn’t been mentioned,
Add the 5 and 2x to the balls
The goals will bend a little, maybe not enough to matter, but it might look better especially with the stationairy goals.

Looks great! It’s already been said but, it should really be textured. Regardless it still looks awesome!