pic: 2004 WildBeast

For those of you who saw it on Sunday at the Team 537 Open House, it looks a bit different, eh?? :wink:

are you using the actual cylinder shaft for supporting your plasics slides? i’m just curious because those things have a tendency to bend under a sideload like and impact from another robot. and i am wondering if you have experienced this yet like at a pre season scrimage.

looks nice and clean though good job. i really like your side pannels is that the hdpe from last years ramp?

Looks interesting. Not really sure what to think as it’s rather hard to determine all the specifics of what it does. Good luck and I’ll look forward to seeing it in competition.

i dont think thats hdpe, i think its uhmw, kinda similar but better…and lighter!

Looks good. I can’t seem to figure out what the globe motors are for though. I’m sure it’s something top secret.

The cylinders are mounted in a heavy duty support block of aluminum…the end of the cylinder threds into the top of that bottom block and the shaft then runs through it…if we take a massive hit, it is possible they could get bent, but we have tried to prevent that and it was not a problem at all at the scrimmage on Sunday. If you are referring to the air tanks, then no…they are not supporting the sides at all. They just happen to fit in the cavity there. There are standoffs between the two panels at every bolt location.

The sides are indeed HDPE…the side panels are 3/8" and the electronics board is 1/4" - we thought we’d try something a little different this year :wink:

The globe motors are for ball corralling arms.

Things aren’t quite finished in this picture…the arm needs to be shortened just a little bit, and there will be a top over the electronics for protection.