pic: 2005 Championship Bracket

This bracket shows the 2005 Championship divisions, alliances, and how they fared.


This image contains a few errors, please see the discussion thread for an updated image.

Well i already found one mistake in the newton divison it was 710, 395, and 345 against 987, 45, and 1647. 234 was in curie and i dont know if that was there exact alliance.

He has alliance #8 in the Curie bracket twice and is missing #6: 703, 234, and 195 which he has listed as the #6 seed alliance in Newton. The # 6 alliance in Newton should be as Ryan said: 710, 395, and 345.

not national champ…WORLD CHAMPION :slight_smile:

In Curie, the number 6 alliance was 703, 234, and 195. You have the same alliance on there twice.

Fixed. Thanks for the corrections; the errors probably resulted from a combination of my having to swap the Curie and Newton Divisions from their original locations (I had Newton originally paired with Einstein and Curie originally paired with Archimedes) and my handful of minutes of sleep the night before (prom afterparties do that to you).