pic: 2005 FIRST Senior Mentors

Here is the rookie class of 2005 FIRST Senior Mentors, along with the FIRST staff we “report” to. We’re ready to do our homework and are all excited to be involved in this initiative.

That lady in the red on the far right looks awfully familiar… :wink:

WOW, great class picture.

I recognize the NJ and NY FIRST Senior Mentor!
(Hurray for us) :wink:

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the guy in the light blue denim in the middle. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to say congratulations to all of them. :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet all of you in person someday.

First off, I want to say great job to all the mentors. You guys give us kids something to look forward to everyday during build season. If it weren’t for you mentors, there would be no FIRST. All mentors deserve to be recognized, so here’s a challenge. I want every team to show their mentors that they appreciate what they sacrifice(time with family etc.) and do something special for all mentors on your team. Any who, GREAT JOB to all of you senior mentors!


FIRST should be releasing an email blast about what our mission this year is and what it isn’t.
In a nutshell, we will be going into the communities recruiting and working with the mentors for teams and for events. We are funded by a federal grant which dictates our priorities.
On a personal note, the energy and passion for FIRST that this group has is amazing. The picture was taken this week after spending 3 days together, working hard and laughing a lot. Two mentors are missing from the photo: Chuck from Tenn. and Rich from Philly.

Can anyone name them all? I recognize a few of them, and probably would spot a name or two that I’d recognize as well.


Please post the names so we can put names and faces together! Congratulations to you all and I look forward to working with you in whatever way I can!

I gotta say one thing…
Congrats to all, and I’m so excited to know such a wonderful woman who has done so much for our team and FIRST. Good going Miss Jenny. This is really what you deserve. I’m glad you’ve gotten what you’ve desired since working with 007. =D

what is a “first senior mentor” ?

just as a clarification?

Way to go, guys – you’re awesome. :slight_smile:

(L-R Rear)
Dee Tomczak(VA/NC), Dan Coget (Houston), Chris Jones (Chicago), Paul Kloberg(NJ), John Park (NYC), Paul Ashley (S. Calif), Lynn Casey (Volunteer Resources Manager for FIRST)

(L-R 2nd row) Brad Lauer (Boston, W. Mass), Dean

(L-R 3rd row) Richard Boder (Atlanta), Jenny Beatty (Baltimore/DC), Jean Hoppert (Las Vegas), Dawn Lutz (Denver), Devin Blizzard (Central CA), Stephen Cremer (Boston & CT)

(L-R Front Row) Michael Robbins(Director of Operations for FIRST), (? sorry I forgot her name from FIRST) and Kelsey Frazier (NH).

missing: Chuck Kaczmarczyk (E. Tenn.) and Rich Kressley (Philadelphia).
If you don’t recognize some from your area, remember that many have been much more involved in the world of FIRST Lego League.

384 <3 Dee :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the hard work Dee!

I think you mean Michael Robbins…

Yes, it’s Michael Robbins. He took the time to travel to PA today to meet with me and catch me up on the initiative since a prior professional commitment didn’t allow me to attend training in Manchester. FIRST will make an official announcement soon, but in a nutshell we are here to support, recruit, and recognize mentors and volunteers in both the FRC and FLL programs. Many of us have begun coordinating efforts with regional planning committees and directors. Stay tuned…

whoops! I know someone by the other name and it just slipped. Of course it is Robbins. :o


FIRST announces Senior Mentor project. Better late than never! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you all!

Congrats to Miss Jenny and the rest. You all go get as many recruits to FIRST as possible! Good luck, and from every student that will attend a regional event in 2005… thanks.

The guy to Dean’s right (Chris Jones from Chicago) is a former ThunderChicken. He was my lead design student in 2003 and a great student leader on our team. A few of the mentors from 217 (myself included) called FIRST and asked if a college student could qualify as a senior mentor. We really pushed for Chris to do it since his situation at college (Illinois Institute of Technology) allows a lot of time for him to devote to FIRST related activities. Way to go Chris and all the other FIRST senior mentors.