pic: 2005 FRC 1153

2005 FRC 1153 robot scoring on the high center goal

This really was the best game ever. Lifting big heavy objects 20 feet in the air was so much fun.

I don’t know, I thought 2004 was fun when you were lifting Robots off the ground! and it also had all kinds of different things to do. Such a great game :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the year before I was on a team, and was actually the game that got me into FIRST. I watched the Boilermaker regional in 2005, and just had to get involved. :]

About two years later a friend of mine and I were putting our '05 bot back together for a demo… we got it working… then accidentally got a tetra hooked on a rollie chair… then we thought (using 1AM thinking) that surely the robot could pick up the chair. Well, the gearbox wound up and BOOM!.. sprocket pieces everywhere. :yikes:

Ahh, '05.


Yeah, this was easily my favorite game.

I love how there is one primary function that robots have to perform, yet there are multiple ways to score. It was a lot about reacting to what your opponents were doing.

Also, the game piece was so simple to hold, teams could focus on training their drivers and strategy rather than building a complex robot.

really favorite??

to me this was one of the worst games ever played it was so hard to watch.

This was also my introduction to FIRST, and remains my favorite game from all those I have played and all those I have read about, though 2007 is a close second. It’s also amazing to look back to then and realize how much I have grown and learned because of my involvement in robotics.

Despite my non - participation on the robettes when this game was occuring, since my joining the team, I have read about the past years games. This was a close first to last years game of hurdling the huge balls over the overpass. This is why i love FIRST Robotics!

this was my first experience of FIRST my freshmen year, so i am a little biased, but it was by far my favorite. yes it was difficult to really explain and watch but thats what i liked about it. that year there was some excitement at the end of the match because live scoring was nearly non-existant and it was hard to tell who was going to win.

my summer project is to resurrect our 2005 bot “Bob” so the new guys can see how far our team has come.

2008 was fun but i hated that game. it was so boring even when driving…