pic: 2005 Game supplies?


Saw this 2 weekends ago heading toward the general direction of New Hampshire on I-84E in CT.

Is there inflatable furniture in there? Or maybe bean bag chairs??
(Ooh… The return of floppies?) That would be cool.

Maybe S.K. Lavery stands for Super Krispy Kreme Lavery? :wink:

BTW- I vote for Bean Bags! :]
I prefer game pieces that are useful after the competition-
I’m still using the 20+ FIRST bins from 2003 for storage of FRC & FLL stuff!
That was a good deal.

yeah same, we use the 4 odd we have for storing all our demonstration stuff for our 2003 robot and when we go anywhere we just take the crates on the stacker and unload them and demo them… we have to use the 2003 atm as the 2004 is missing 2 speed controlelrs which keep blowing up . . . .

If by appliances they mean Hawaiian shirts that may be his company

Super Quasi-Hawaiian (with a K of course) Lavery Appliance Co.

Hmmm…West Hartford. Maybe R.A.G.E. (173) is in on this somehow! :stuck_out_tongue:

time to invade West Hartford, all those who wish to start with a tactical invasion, let me know, we can attack from all sides so they may not escape!!!

we’re East Hartford, btw, thus, we move westward…