pic: 2005 Team 1549 Rookie Pic


Sorry about the quality of pic. Will try to get a better one. We decided to employ a 20 foot ladder as our lifting mechanism. We can reach about 14 feet from ground. It is very stable and are using the FP for our winch. Lemmie know what you think. This is our rookie year and can use any help/ideas.

I sure wish we had you at our regionals! One of our other mentors brought a ladder like that to our first brainstorming session. We seriously considered it until a guest mentor warned that it might have too much friction to be reliable. I would love to see it work. Good luck!

That’s a great idea!

If I were on a team this year, this is the point where I would probably be smacking my head thinking “why didnt I think of that?!!”

Good job 1549!

When there is no tetra on it, there is no friction at all. Its when we start picking up tetras that causes problem. We put teflon strips in the channels between the different sections of ladder and then put wheels that would line the sections to where there would be no movement cept up and down. Tell ya what…this saved us alot of time.

Actaully, we used pollyethelene. The strips were too big for all the sections but one so i had to spend some serious time with a kerosine parth cleaner bin!

Some bracketry combined with a grooved ball bearing fixed the issue for the carriage. We are prolly going to make another set of that for the first ladder cuz it likes to bind a bit.

Its a good bot though!

ya, and the sucker is FAST

WOW!! That is a great idea. I would of never thought of using a ladder as the lifting mechanism. I bet whoever thought of that is very excited to see it work. Was is a mentors idea, a student, or what? Pure genius!!! Great job 1549!!!

to be honsest, i cant remember… i think is was a college student. the idea of using a forklift type thing was my idea. The ladder was pure genious though.