pic: 2005 Team Fusion (364) Robot


I present to you, “Arm-N-Ra: The Ra-Venger.”

Nice robot…I think you’re using the same wheels as us…they have some nice traction
How high does it go?

Is that thing inflatable?! The 8-ball, that is…


No its not its just a solid ball.

I praise all the teams that have ample time to make their robots aesthetically pleasing. Great job you guys.

nice robot guys! good job! it looks very sexy if do say so myself :smiley: !

(yes i relise it isn’t an 8ball) but if it was, it could be used for tricky decisions in the refereeing lol
8ball, did they pin the robot for too long? Never (though it might be biased to their robot lol…)

Seriously, it does look nice and looks like it will reach the goals.

Thanks. A local sign shop donated the raw vinyl to us, I worked there before so I was able to do the rest (cutting, weeding, masking, applying). The numbers are a diamond plate vinyl. There is mylar on the inside, giving the vinyl the metallic look. I believe the arm reaches about 9-10 feet in the air, plenty tall enough to be able to cap the goals with ease.