pic: 2005 TechnoKat team plaques


Each year, we make our own plaques for our team award party. This year, they were triangular-shaped. The bottom portion of the plaque is a blue acrylic triangle with 3 threaded holes in the corners. A top sheet of clear polycarbonate is screwed onto the blue acrylic after the paper with graphics is sandwich between the two plastic pieces.

In 2002, these plaques were blue acrylic circles (we glued the top polycarbonate to the acrylic… bad idea)
In 2003, they were red rectangles
In 2004, they were white rectangles

Since we make these ourselves, they cost under $8 per plaque.

Looks good Andy. Here are some pictures of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 (left to right). My favorite would definetly have to be the curved metal frames of 2001.


Wow Andy, those are gorgeous! Kudos, your teammates should be so proud!

Mine is on display in my room…along with my '04 plaque, and my “Positive Attitude” plaque from last year.

Mr.Baker and Technokats those look great. Andy mentioned in the picture he posted you guys make them yourself. I am interested to know out of what and how do you print the plaques. All in all very cool thanks for sharing.

:] -Drew :]
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Awesome plaques there! What does the plaque read though?

The image description describes the process as follows (Though he does fail to mention what type of paper is being used :D):

It reads,
<Technokat logo>
<student name>
FIRST Championships: Divison Semi-finalist,#13 seed
Midwest Regional: Semi-finalist, Engineering Inspiration award, safety award, #6 seed.
Boilermaker Regional: Quaterfinalist, Outstanding Excellence Judges award, 15th Seed