pic: 2005 Vex Field



This is the official field that we had at the WPI scrimmage this past weekend. Aren’t those mobile goals so cute?


thats one sweet field. how big is it?

also could you explain a little about the game/field elements?


The rules of the game are more less exactly the same as last years FIRST Robotics Competition game except 1/3 scale. So you could read the rules from last year. They changed how much hanging is worth from 50pts to 20pts and how the balls on the sides work, other than that pretty much identical.


To be honest when I first saw the robot kit I wasn’t too impressed with this new Vex program but now that I see the field that looks totally awesome. I’m sure it will be great fun!

Edit: do you have a pic with a robot in it. Proportionally (from memory reference of the robot size), it looks like it would be quite difficult to move the mobile goals or pick up the big red balls.


That is excellent!
Can’t wait for next season when VEX becomes official.
(Note to self: must find a VEX Team)


i was about to say the same thing that it looks very similar to Raising the bar except its a smaller revision too bad last years robots can’t compete =)

(EDIT) The again just noticing the person standing in the background last years robots would be total giants on this field

i’d have a blast


Instead of finding a team you should start a team. It doesn’t take that much time and it is a lot of fun to help high school students work with robots. These teams only have about 5 or 6 students so I am sure you can handle that.


That is so adorable how they made a mini-version of last year’s game for the vex challenge :stuck_out_tongue: . Is there only one team competing on each side or are there alliance partners? It seems judging from the other pictures that the robots are too large in size for a two on two. I can’t wait to see this in Atlanta! It will be so cool! I wish my middle school had something like this (besides FLL) when I was in middle school.

Awesome field, awesome competition, I love it!


Looks really cool…

And suspiciously familiar :stuck_out_tongue: .

Can’t wait till Nationals to see how this Vex stuff pans out. Hopefully, if things look good, Heatwave will sponsor a team next year.


The competition is 2 on 2 just like last year. The robots are 30% of the full size robots while the fields is 33% so they do look a little larger but not much.


HOLY CRAP! that’s cool


Hmm, might be a little bit more of a squabble to hang at the end… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats pretty cool!

How do those small balls work? Does a human player throw them?
Is there also an autonomous mode too?
That is so awesome how they are doing this!

EDIT: Whoo! 65th post!


are there little hp’s like last year? i see a hole in the same spot.


Those small balls work fine, the human player recieves them through the hole the same as last year and then throws them over the 6 foot wall infront of them. There is no autonomous mode this year :(.


Whoa! Is that THE field (the one FIRST will be using) or a practice field you built?

It looks great in any case.

Joe J.


Maybe teams can use this to train their freshman how to build a robot. Freshman could work with a sophomore and junior team member to do everything for Vex. This way, every team member has something to do, and they will learn robotics basics, and be better trained to start working on the robot in 10,11, and 12th grade.


Its the real thing, came straight from FIRST & Hatch, along with a crew of people to run it. The scoring software worked well and had none of the problems that it had been having with FRC competitions. The only issues were some problems with the ball dump early in the day.


For anyone who has built a Vex robot and practiced with field parts, have you picked up the big red ball? Can you move the mobile goals? To me, those things look very hard to do for these somewhat frail little robots.


If you used the new field, did the pipes on the sationary goal stay in place or did they open up and move all over the place as the game progressed?


They did open up a little but not that often. Since the goals are so low compared to the height they are thrown from the back board doesn’t make too much of an effect since by time it gets to the goal it is mostly a downward action. So to answer the question every now and then balls did go through the back.