pic: 2005 Web Hug

Great turnout. I meet a lot of friends.

I can name four people in the picture: Mike Martus, Heidi (MissInformation), KathieK, and RJ. Who else can name a few more?

I recognize George (DCAfan) from Beach Cities 294

i would of been to the left of that picture

hmm…let me try to remember. I think I see(sorry if spelling is destroyed):

-Alex Pelan (that’s right, eclipsed by that blonde girl)
-Andy Brockway (top rightish, head cut off)
-Mikewashere05? I think that’s him.
-Pat McCarthy? see above

Eh…I have trouble remembering faces…

Yeah, that’s Pat, and the blonde girl could be Anna-Marie from Team 67, too.

After seeing some other pictures, I think those are Big Mike’s hands on the right side near the bottom.

Yes, that is Big Mike holding the Scott Ritchie head. The corner of my head is in that picture, behind a few people. Overall, good fun!


Hey… that black hole is my head!

Y’all are missing Barry Bonzack–he’s the one in the umbrella hat.

And Matt Leese, between KathieK and George, and right in front of the umbrella hat.
[edit]And Andy Brockway is way in the back.[/edit]

Who is going to share what everyone in the picture is laughing at?

Student programmer extraordinaire Mike from 237 - 2 faces below Andy Brockway and 1 face above Matt Leese…

For twenty minutes or so the happiest people in FIRST, on the lawn in the sunshine enjoying the outdoors and friends. It doesn’t get much better.
If you missed it, I hope you were there in spirit.

I was there… by way of open digital communications line.*

*w00t cell phone! :slight_smile:

I missed the web hug =( only b/c I forgot to set the text reminder and… I was team queuing on Galileo!

I recognize only a small handful of people in this photo. I’m getting old.

Four Team 66 members on the left side. The one on the far left of the photo is me. Good gathering, and thanks.

OK. One more face I recognize (now). In the cowboy hat, from team 148: Please introduce yourself. I spoke to you in the stands on Newton field on Saturday.

[edit]From looking at the profiles of the four registered users from 148 and their last activity dates, I’m guessing it must be Lonestar. Am I right? Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself, because I didn’t recognize you from your picture on CD. (Hint, hint.)[/edit]

This was a lot of fun and it was great being able to put faces to names! I think the white hat and safety glasses in the foreground belong to Jon K.