pic: 2005 World Champion

Today we (Team 330) had an interesting dilemma. Like most teams that had their robot shipped back from champs, ours still hasn’t arrived. Earlier today, a reporter expressed interest in conducting interviews and recording footage of our world championship winning robot. It’s a good thing that we have a spare.
After being dragged down from storage a few weeks ago, I was happy to find that “Pedro” worked and was only missing a few minor parts. (some of which were found in the 2003 totes we still have lying around)
The Wedges of Doom may be making their first TV appearance in 11 years.

When I first saw this photo, I was struck by the similarity to THIS photo of that robot in almost-championship form. (The very end of the arm was later altered so the point was in the middle–easy to do with PVC.)

Looks like it just needs the side panels remounted–and the rest of the arm’s tetra-handling gear–and it’s back in form again!

This photo is actually a bit old. The wedge arm that attached to the left window motor is missing, and was in the process of being replaced at the time. The side panels have also since been reattached. (curiously, there appear to be several revisions of the same panel. I know that there wasn’t a practice bot that year, so i’m going to assume they were either spares or improperly cut)

I had to swap the left motor for a carbon copy of the one on the right (making it no longer competition legal :ahh: ) because we didn’t have any hubs that fit the output shaft of the origional motor.
We had some unused angle aluminum stock in the pile, all I had to do was make a few cuts cuts and attach a new hub.
Now, it just needs a paint job.

I’ll work on the arm once I figure out how to make the tetra corner connectors.

Couple of small pieces of Lexan, screwed to endcaps (or maybe wood inserts), if I recall correctly. You’ll also want the hose clamps on the arm when you put them on, because the screws also attached the guard strips.

I don’t remember exactly what we used for those guard strips, but I want to say it was some sort of tile edging. Some of the more senior mentors will probably remember (or Shane will).

These should help:


One champion swapped for another :slight_smile:

Actually we did have a practice robot in '05, but it looked an awful lot like '04 :wink: We even ran it at the pre-ship scrimmage, where it was moderately successful. But it was mostly used to develop and fine tune the pickup arm.

That’s really cool! We have our 2010 championship bot sitting in our lab right now, not sure how functional it is though. I’ve also seen 2001 in our storage room. Congratulations on your win again!

Once I remembered how to navigate FIRST’s website circa 2005, I was able to locate this, https://web.archive.org/web/20050509194311/http://www2.usfirst.org/2005comp/Drawings/2005_TEAM_Field_elements_TETRA_CONNECTOR.pdf drawing of the tetra connector. Note, tetras were actually connected using about 1/8" HDPE or similar, not the .098" sheet metal called out in that document, which was quite annoying for those of us who had sponsors make them to the print. The real ones were actually quite better for robots to slide the tetras off of.

If you need more info, shoot me a PM. I have two tetras sitting in my office.

Thanks for finding that drawing, I know I’ve seen it somewhere before (old kickoff files?) but I had no idea what it was.

To the laser cutter!