pic: 2006 Bellevue Robotics Control Board

Yep I'm proud of it XD

Last picture is flipped… for some reason :smiley:

Our driving coach always yells at us when we look down at the controls since we’re taking our eyes off the robot. I think you have come up with the single most effective method to prevent this. You need sunglasses to drive with those things!


lol haha, i’m not sure about it’s legality though, we are using the cathodes that came with the kit XD

Well, for me this year, I have no choice. I have to look at the laptop as co-pilot to see what’s happening on our Dashboard.

We have a corner that tells us what gear we are in. 8-bit Rabbit and an 8-bit Turtle :slight_smile:

Cool! This is my second year but, how do u use the laptop to check stuff like that out? … I are noob

Last year, my team’s drivers used polarized safety glasses, just to avoid some of the glare of the stage lighting on the metal field elements.