pic: 2006 FL Scrimmage + Video

Held at 179’s work shop, the scrimmage event is a chance for FIRST teams to meet up and test their robots in a realistic environment before the final ship date. This year we had teams 179, 710, 1029, 1345, 1523, 1889 participate in the event.

Individual match videos will be uploaded soon, but here is a little preview of what happened (Copy 'n paste):

Mirror 1 (13.3 MB):

Mirror 2:

Mirror 3:

Nice videos.
There some sharp robots there
Particularly the 1345 bot.
Nice work to Arefin and crew.

Really cool footage… cannot wait until UCF! :smiley:

Is the swamp a full size field?
Great job guys. There are some very nice looking robots there.

very nice. thanks for sharing. florida regional will be extremely exciting. i really hoep i can make it to the event. hats off to the teams! great work!!! :slight_smile:

The field looks to be about half size in all dimensions, I hope it’s not a full field :ahh:

How much shooting was there? A lot of scores or misses? Side goals?

I would say it was an excellent scrimmage. Represented, as robosapien mentioned were:
**179, 710, 1029, 1345, 1523, and 1189. **
We had a nice mix - some defense techniques, some shooting techniques, some corner goald techniques; a bit of clashing, a bit of breaking, and a lot of fun.

When we played, it was simply 3 on 3 so the situation wasn’t exactly the same as that of the real game. I think the robots scored more than they missed and usually the robots would either get all of them in or miss all of them (though after a while, all robots that were shooting figured out the best method). Side goals were taken advantage of but not as much as the shooter was (for obvious reasons). There were robots that shot into the same goal simultaneously and for the most part, there was no problem.

I did notice that there was trouble reloaded from the human players because sometimes the human players wouldn’t have any balls. Of course, this will be a game-by-game situation and no one knows what will happen in the real game.

One thing I know we won’t know until the real day is if we can climb up that diamondplate. Guess we’ll have to wait.

Overall, I was definitely impressed with all the robots and i’m definitely looking forward to UCF. Good work guys =)

Also, kudos on the video! So glad to see a video of what happened the very next day!

Sweet. did you guys cut this last night? thats an amazing video realy fast

We will find out tommorrow if the robot goes up the diamond plate tommorrow or not, since we are going to motorola. Motorola have a ramp built with diamond plate.

It looks like it was so much mun. I am very sorry we missed it. :frowning:
I was looking forward to the scrimmage, but oh well.

Great to see so many good robots.
I can see that UCF is definitely going to be an amazing regional.

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  • Yes I cut the video last night. Today I cut rounds 1-4 which will be posted in a new thread shortly.

In the time until then, here are the links:
Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


  • We were let down that 1251 and 180 could not make it. Good luck fixing the problems that held you back!

  • What is Motorola? Another scrimmage-like event?

  • Thanks for the kudos and comments everyone!

  • The field was about half sized. The white center goal was brought by us (MARS) and has a far smaller ramp than the real deal (easier to transport).

  • If anyone else has pictures or video of the event, we would be happy to host them for anyone who cannot themselves!