pic: 2006 Mission Mayhem Trophies

Heres an overall shot of the 22 trophies being awarded at Mission Mayhem 2006, click over to the flikr page for more pictures

Wow, once again you’ve managed to make some of the coolest and most unique trophies. You should try to put up a picture of the “history” of the trophies you’ve done for Robot Rodeo/Mayhem at the Museum/Mission Mayhem… might give some other offseasons some cool ideas to make original ones. Awesome job, I can’t wait to see them next week.

I saw a lil photo from Tytus the other day. And he told me how they are making them. They are pretty darn cool as usual!

Great job to you both and the Mayhem Planning Committee. I wish I could be there but unfornately I can’t make it this year.

Good luck to all participants and have fun. I know it’ll be a lot of fun! :slight_smile:


those are pretty sweet.

This year, at Mayhem in Merrimack we are making small replicas of the center goal. Last year we made mini tetras for trophies.

Those are soo cool. Makes me wish I was going to Mission Mayhem… but I can’t =.

Good Job!

Ya it’s actually pretty cool how there made. Watching Andrew making all the bends and everything was pretty cool. Andrew nice job man Sorry I couldn’t help out more then what I did. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else at the event. Happy B day to Andrew Rudolph btw.


Could you explain them a little bit? They almost look like ribbon.

I’m not going to speak on behalf of the actual trophies themselves. But as for Andrew, each year he basically takes something random/abstract and makes a theme of sorts around it for the trophies, making each one fit the theme but also unique (different types of bends and painting in this years for example). For Robot Rodeo a few years ago he happened to come across a pile of motherboards and other outdated computer parts and he cut them connecting them to form cone shapes. Last year he used coiled metal that revolved up and around an orb (marble) with the South Florida FIRST logo supported up top and ribbons of metal revolving around that structure.

Here’s some links to the other abstract trophies he’s made in previous years that were on CD-Media (I know we have more photos of other years too but I’m not sure where):

Thank you. I have a friend who moved to Shanghai, China last week. She choreographs her own dances and designs/makes her costumes. They ‘feel’ like these trophies.

Thanks to everyone for the praises, I wont be at the competition so I will never see them fully finished with the name plates and medallions. But I am very pleased with how they came out.

The “ribbons” (why didnt i think of that, much quicker than saying “the bendy bits”) and bases are made from 1/8" thick steel, the bases are brushed and clearcoated to look in the oiled steel way. Its just one way of trying to capture the energy of a competition through sculpture.

Mike missed the first year of trophies the 2003 Robot rodeo…

They were made from donated parts from various scrapyards around orlando (can anyone say bithlo?) I still see the team spirit one when i go visit 179’s work area. Big thanks to tytus and 179 for helping me out with the trophies this year too bad tytus got hurt and couldnt help with the final build.

If you want to see the whole gallery of this years trophies be sure to check out the flickr page

Andrew, I don’t know how to thank you. This is the 2nd year in a row you took the responsibility to do the trophies and that was one less thing I had to worry about. You have done a lot for Mayhem.

… the trophies came out great. I love them. It was nice to see them at my house right after I got back from work. My mouth dropped when I saw them.

If anyone has pictures of the trophies at competition could you get them to me? I never got to see them with thier final plates and whatnot, maybe even if you have a team picture holding em it would be nice for my portfolio.