pic: 2006 XO X-Cat

Team 191’s compact do-all robot package and Finger Lakes Regional Finalist of the 2nd see alliance.

Totally Rawr! Tis a great low bot, i’ll be watching out for it on the cast!

Ellery, i shall expect a call for the match times. :]

Sweet robot. our robot was a mid shooter so most robots couldn’t block us plus we got on the ramp and shoot all of our balls right in front of the opponents face. it worked until they found a tread robot that could push us off of the ramp. but hey thats life. still great robot. hey are you guys going to be at Nat’s this year? if so see you there, and good luck. :smiley:

Looking great as usual from the X cats can’t wait to see it in the pits at nationals. Lots of things to like about that robot. Nice job 191. :]

Best of luck,

One of the best robots at the Finger Lakes Regional. I can not wait to see you in Atlanta.

whats the specs for the drive? also, what do the pistons on the back of it do? My guess is expanding for a higher ball capacity, but i dont really know…

Also, how many balls can it hold at a time?

I second that. Watching Finals with you guys in it made FLR even more exciting.

The piston in the back lowers the side down so they can effectively score in the lower goal. I am unsure on the amount of balls the bot can hold.

that’s what i was thinking but i didn’t want to post false information. So is the team and hopefully the bot already to play in ATL?

Looks like it.
Our drives team has been practicing with X-O uh Oh and the HOF team got our new HOF setup.

Well Pakrat,

the drives are the same base we used last year, kit bot frame and 6 wheel drive with a couple of IFI traction wheels this year for added grip. This year I geared down big time for pushing power yet the AndyMark trannys allow me to get a 2 speed setup of at least 3.5 ft/sec to 9 ft/sec. It worked well at the Finger Lakes regional when we needed to play defense or make our way through a bunch of bots.

This Year’s design is a very good Jack of all trades system, We can accurately score at the center goal from various spots on the field, Dump balls in side goals, climb ramp, and pplain ol’ hold the fort down. We were pretty much only at 50% at the FLR since we still were working on our autonomous yet we were able to surprisingly perform well without any assistance of the CMUCam or an special s/w routines. So that just proved to me that we did our homework on the hardware side and are waiting for the miracles of S/W to complement the rest of the system. It was probably that demonstration at the FLR that won us the Motorola Quality Award since we really didn’t work on the robot at all at the regional. We actually had time to help out teams more, which is a what we strive for while we were in the pits.

Like last years design we’ve surprised ourselves of our performance. We ended being ranked somewhere 13th in the world at the end of the 2005 season. We’ll just cross our fingers and hope for the best next week.