pic: 2007 Bayou Regionals

1st ever regional in New Orleans.

those were some intense elimination matches.

Yeah the eliminations were crazy. That was probably the most fun we have ever had. 364 and 118 had some great robots!

Hey 364! Awesome competition!!! I have a couple of pics of your bot from those matches if you want them. Just PM me! Do you have any of 1683?

ditto: Even though we didn’t win I had so much fun. It’s always nice to have some suspense in the game… My dad paced around the field probably 20 times but playing with 118 was a great memory I’ll never forget especially when they played that hard defense when our robot flipped…WOW

that semifinal series was the most brutal yet smart play i have ever seen in FIRST

Which play would you be talking about?

the match after we had tied and 118 pushed the robots off the ramps

That was one of the most intesne matches ever. Unfortunately problems stacked up for our alliance with drive chains falling apart and robots tipping et cetera. It was harsh, but fun. I had fun Fusion, you guys ready for round 2 at our house this time?


Oh yeah that match was crazy. We thought for sure that they were going to lift both robots and then 118 comes out of nowhere and pushes them off the ramp.

I’m trying to figure out how it could possibly be legal to do this. The rules seem pretty cut and dry:

A ROBOT may attach to and/or climb onto a ROBOT on its own ALLIANCE. A ROBOT may not attach to and/or climb onto a ROBOT on an opposing ALLIANCE (doing so will be interpreted as an attempt to damage an opposing robot, and may be penalized as such).
So I’m trying to figure out how can can push a robot off a ramp without driving on the ramp or contacting the other robot outside the bumper zone. I’m pretty much failing at doing so, though. Anyone want to clarify things for me?

Being the losing side of the semi-finals match against 118/364/2183, let me just say that it has been a struggle to keep my team’s heads held up high and not to get caught up in complaining and whining. The 364/118/2183 alliance was a fierce one and we felt good about giving them and the Bayou a good entertaining match. The big picture of the regional is more than the outcome any one match and we felt honored to be there.

Climbing a opposing alliance’s ramp definitely seemed like a violation. In an earlier match they were called for a ramming penalty. Another call was a ringer on a spider leg that was supported by a ringer on the floor was not counted in the qualifiers but was counted in the semi-final eliminations.

I know sour grapes. Again I see it as an opportunity to educate my team (and some parents) about the bigger picture and the goals of FIRST.

As one of the drivers of 118, I have to agree. When Fusion tipped and the other alliance started making their way back to the ramp, our coach told me to keep them from getting on the ramp at all costs. So I got back behind the ramp and pulled the joystick back and pushed them off. After the robot fell I got our robot out of the home zone as fast as I could. It seemed like the other alliance panicked and tried to get up the other side but went over on the way up.

Quoting one of Fusion’s drivers “It was one of the most heart-warming things that I have ever seen”.

Both alliances used a ton of defense and the matches were very, very tense. But it was a ton of fun and it was the most enjoyable part of the entire regional for me.

It is very impressive that we made it to the finals, with Fusion flipping, Us flipping, and Purple Reign breaking.

Anyone have any video’s of it? (any part or all of the competition)

Those finals were very very very very (yes, very) intense. I cannot wait for the Lonestar Regional now. If only our drive chain didn’t fall off. When we got back to the pit it took us 3 minutes to fix it, but our alliance had already used our timeout and backup robot so we had no choice but to release our ramp. Overall, the 2007 Bayou regional will be one of my most favored competitions I’ve been to. I was tense from lunch all the way to the last match. Thank you to all the teams at the Bayou regional for such an awarding experience.

Here’s the Semis that are being discussed… These movies are here only for a short while until I figure out how to get them to SOAP.
I think my order is wrong or something because it doesn’t match what’s on the FIRST website.

Maybe someone can give me a recap of each of these matches? I’ll be reviewing them with my team as well.


those links don’t seem to work :frowning:

We (Fusion that is) have videos of all the matches we were in, espcially the semifinals and finals. ill see about getting them up somewhere like youtube or google.

Actual links would be:


I’m updating the quality of vids as we speak, but now I think I got the order corrected and a bit of a recap at least from our perspective…

SemiFinal Match 2.1 recap (use your own announcer voice)…
Red (118/364/2183) wins 68-64 over Blue (2182/701/1858).

701 tries to blindly score a keeper and misses. 701 hangs a ringer on the far side but it falls off. 1858’s drive is unstable and decides to stay back in the home area. 2183 scores a ringer on the 2nd row then 364 and 118 both score ringers on each side of it. 701 thens scores for Blue on the 2nd row. Then 118 scores another on the 2nd row extendeing the Red row to 4. 2182 goes back to its home area and deploys its ramps. Now 364 scores another for red at the same time 2182 lifts 1858 up 12". 701 has a blue ringer stuck on its base and has to drop a ringer from its claw and shake the ringer off of them. The score is 32-32 at this point. 118 scores another ringer making a row of 6!! OMG 701 scores another for blue. The score is now 64-34. 701 the runs back to the home zone and climbs up 2182’s ramp. 2182 lifts 701 12". 364 deploys its ramps in its home area. 118 picks up a ringer and places on the 1st row but it’s resting on blue ringer thats on the floor. OMG OMG OMG … Red wins 68-64.

We were told on Friday in a different match by a ref that if a ringer was supported by a ringer on the floor it wouldn’t count which was the case with that last ringer 118 scored. Ref’s counted it. I’m still a bit confused because it’s not well addressed in the manual but I haven’t checked on Q&A forums. That call doesn’t bother us much anyhow. It was a good play by 118 - hats off to them.

SemiFinal Match 2.2 recap…
Red (118/364/2183) ties 36-36 with Blue (2182/701/1858).

1858 is subbed in for 1859. Not much in auto mode just positioning by 701 and 118. 2182 plays mad defense on 118. 2183 plays crazy defense on 701. 1858 sticks on 364 like glue stopping 364 from scoring. 364 finally scores a red ringer on the 2nd row. 701 then scores a Blue ringer on the 2nd row. 118 scores also on the 2nd row. 701 then scores for Blue again on the second row. No ringers are connected yet so its 4-4. 118 quickly scores another Red ringer next to its first ringer. 701 moves around the back side and scores for Blue breaking up a potential row of 4. The score is now tied 6-6. 2182’s ramps are ready. 364 readies its ramps. 1858 can’t stay up on 2182’s ramp. 2183 climbs up on 364’s ramp. 701 climbs up on 2182’s ramp. OMG OMG!!! Another awesome match Tied at 36-36.

SemiFinal Match 2.3 recap…
Blue (2182/701/1858) beats Red (118/364/2183) 56-6 - sorry the video says 56-0 - oops

Again 701 and 118 do some positioning in Auto mode. 701 tries to score a blue ringer but it falls off. 2182 plays defense against 364 and 118. 364scores a red ringer on the 2nd row. OMG 2182’s human player throws a blue ringer that land on the 3rd row. 118 scores another red ringer to make a row of 2. 701 scores a blue ringer on the 2nd row. 118 scores another red ringer for a row of 3. Red now leads 8-4. 701 scores another blue ringer on the 2nd row below the HP ringer. 2182 heads back to the home area and deploys its ramps. 364 scores a single red ringer. Red leads now 10-6. 118 defends 701 in the home area ramming them against the player station. 2182’s drives out of the home area with its ramps down. 118 exits blue’s home area. 2182 quickly gets back into the home area. 701 climps 2182’s ramps and they’re lifted. 1858 climbs 2182’s ramps and they’re lifted as well. Blue wins 66-10 but after penalties its 56-0.

SemiFinal Match 2.4 recap…
Red (118/364/2183) beats Blue (2182/701/1858) 8-2.

Again 701 and 118 do some positioning in Auto mode. 701 picks up a blue ringer and fights for position. 2182 deploys its ramps. 2182 human player throws a ringer that bounces off the floor then off of 1858 and onto the rack!! 118 scores on the 1st row. 364 tries to score on the first row as well but their ringer is caught on the rack while they back up and they tip over!! 701 tries to score a blue ringer but it falls off. 118 scores another red ringer on the 1st row. 1858 heads over to 2182’s ramps. 118 scores another red ringer. 1858 struggles to get up 2182’s ramp. 701 is being well defended in the home zone as they position for climbing 2182’s ramp. 118 chases down 1858. OMG 118 pushes 1858 up the ramp and off the side and 1858 tips over and begins smoking. 118 tries to get out of blue’s home zone before the 15 second end game begins. 118 climbs up 2182’s ramp again and drives off the edge to get out of the home zone. 701 is up on 2182’s ramp on the other side, but 2182’s ramp isn’t balanced and 701 falls off. 701 tries to make a last minute play with a ringer but time is up. Red wins 8-2 :frowning:

These semifinal matches were crazy and the best we’ve ever played.

I heard the semis were much more intense than the finals. I’m glad our team got to be a part of that.

I could see how that ringer could still be counted even if it’s resting on a ringer that’s on the floor. That way it’s tilted it looks like it could still be touching the spider leg. Obviously if the ringer on the floor were to lift the other ringer off the spider leg, it shouldn’t be counted.