pic: 2007 Championship Fish-eye

Continuing the tradition from last year, MARS team mentor Ed Clark has taken another large fisheye shot of the crowd watching Einstein.

Check out our team site for over two hundred photos from the Championship [size=1](pushing our 2007 gallery to over two thousand photos and our entire three year gallery in excess of 4500)[/size]:


Very nice picture! I loved the fisheye lens picture from last year. Too bad thats only a picture of the first section and not from the upper stand levels.

For anyone who wishes to try to find themselves or are just looking for a good wallpaper, here is the full-quality version: http://marsbot.org/files/11520009.jpg

I’m pretty sure it was taken this year on the edge of the upper level to allow a better view of the field, which is unfortunate if you are trying yourself but you were in the upper level :/. There are a few other wide angle or fisheye shots that include the upper half (shooting back up from the field).

Thanks Ed & Tim for this picture. I have been waiting to see this one. Dave

Finally, a picture of me at Championships! :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad even the full quality one is too small to be my wallpaper, but at least it fits on my laptop.

For anyone wondering, this was during the semi-finals on Einstein, as you can clearly see 190’s teradactyl wings, 173’s low profile, and 1902’s four-bar tower (I can’t say which match though.)

I just bought a tele lens, this makes me want a fisheye! Man, photography gets expennnnsive, at least the gear will last!

well I can see my team, and my seat, but not me, which means I was probably dropping the laptop charger down at the field. I really wanted to be in one of these shots too…

Wow, in that high-quality version, I can actually read the back of my own jersey! This is pretty cool.

I don’t suppose there’s something like this of the pits, eh?

I click on the link to find myself, looked around for abit, and then realized that we were on the upper level :stuck_out_tongue: darn. Its funny what a lack of sleep after Champs does to you…

This is a sweet picture. Im liking the fish eye lens alot!

I wish I had a fisheye lens… then Kressly would think I was even more of a photo nerd