pic: 2007 FRC Team 548 Robostangs Robot Pic3


Here is what our robot looks like now, but the ramps look a lot different. In this picture the ramps can only support certain wheel bases, but the ramps on the robot currently can support any wheel base. You will all see when the time comes… This is the last picture that I have so I am wishing everyone good luck, and for the ones who are going to be there see you all at the Great Lakes regional and the Buckeye regional. Thanks and good luck to everyone. P.S. Please Post and tell us what you all think…

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, I can help you answer any questions that you may have. Enjoy!

Nice ramps. Is that where you’re mounting that battery? I hope it’s secure there. EDIT: ok, I saw the other picture.

Yup as you can see in the other picture we used our friend Mr. Velcro to keep our battery extremely secure. It seams to work fairly well, and is very easy to get in and out.

How do you know it’s not Mrs. Velcro??

Sorry about that… Didn’t mean to be be discriminatory against women… I think that really there is a Mr. and a Mrs. because one side of the Velcro is sort of like hard plastic, and the other is like fuzzy… You can be the judge… Mr. or Mrs. which ever you prefer I guess… Great question though… Very in-depth.