pic: 2007 Game Piece Hint

We were working on the robot when Dave got really interested in something. He wants to try and use it for next years game!

Ok, I know this is going to sound wierd, but that is exactly what I expected this year’s game piece to be after the game hint came out.
PVC game pieces…Return of the Tetras! :ahh:

WOOHOO! BATONS! quick, everyone start finding EVERY reference to batons EVER MADE and index them so we can find them when the clue comes out next year!

That actually could be a very interesting object to manipulate… ya know what would really be fun? If you had objects similar to those on the field that were of different colors, you could pick up both colors but your robot would have to autonomously sort the two different colors into two different holdings area’s of the robot. Somehow at the end of the match you would be scored on how many objects you had and if you correctly separated them.

I hear that Dave has about 116 of these buried behind his garage. Each one contains a 1/2 dozen Krispy Kremes.

This year… do don’t want “Dave says That’s Pimp” buttons… we want sealed KK capsules, autographed by Dave.

Right?!? Who wants one? If I am lucky enough to get one, it’s getting buried in my back yard for safe keeping.


After i eat the half dozen donuts


I’d be happy to taste test the donuts to make sure they’re not poisoned by some kind of Mars microbe. You know, just as a security precaution. I’ll take one (or a few half-dozens) for the team!

Now, he was overheard muttering something about designing a game around that piece. Since he always seems to be muttering, I wouldn’t take it seriously… except for that smile… that smile is kind of evil… and he said he would do it if he ever did this…


p.s would it really be possible to make those pieces larger and then fill them with a liquid or sand that would swish back and forth as moved and if so, would that change the balance that much?

Wait, something here tells me this has to do with Herndon’s bot…
Those PVC “capsules” look about right for rolling a ball, and in that second pic, that extension-looking device sitting next to him looks like it’d fit a pile of those down it to roll balls…
Sounds kinda like our loading and conveyor system:

Hmm…just a thought…

I think your all wrong its going to involve water bottels, or chairs . . hmm what would they have us do with chairs . . posibly stack them . .and mabey clean up spilled waterbottels. . . I know its a janatoral competition . . well probly have to mop up throwup too. man these guys are good

Hmm, I hope the Wisconsin VEX participants are thinking what I’m thinking…

“Who’s Got the Uber Tuber?”

:slight_smile: I would be excited

I know what that really is… Dave is working on either a very powerful sedative for those students that are driving him nuts after almost 5 weeks or a mega dose of valium for some of the advisors :smiley:

Either way, it looks hard to swallow… (I’m making an assumption its a oral medication… :yikes: ) Maybe next year we need to make a shrink machine! Or we continue with the shooter idea and next year is something vaguely bullet shaped…

Perhaps the game piece is not the object being held, but rather the person that is holding it.

From looking at that picture, at least we know he’s on the level! Well, next to it anyway.


i love the one fish two fish red fish blue fish idea so i decided to go check it out.

Who am I?
My name is Ned.
I do not like
my little bed.

This is no good.
This is not right.
My feet stick out
of bed all night.

so i believe the bed is just a platform that doesn’t have a ramp so robots will have to learn how to climb into bed and the robot in the picture is trying to be like the fish so i said hmm… banana fish… maybe but any way i came up with this page http://images.google.com/imgres?img...6lr%3D%26sa%3DG which is a crib bedding set and the crib is just a bed (platform) that is smaller than the platform from last year so some of the robot may hang of the edge like ned’s feet.

he’s sitting on it

I think you may be on to something, who’s to say that the three colors have to do with lights. It could be game color pieces, or even (my hopes) a third allaince color. That would spice things up a bit :ahh: !

“Who’s Got the Uber Tuber?”

Is that savage soccer you are talking about? that game was tough to score for. confusing. The tube doesn’t look like it’ll stand up anyway.

I really hope it’s not like Botball 2006 where you had to sort things like ‘trash’ or ‘recycle’ things.

O god possible game hints giveing me headaches!!

I wonder how heavy these will be?

I see a ball on the floor…